Who we are

Codded, LLC has been in the Internet Marketing business doing lead generation for more than a decade. We specialize Search Engine Optimization and get fantastic results because we give the search engines what they want. We don’t use any deceptive tactics that end up hurting in the long run.

We also specialize in website design and focus on mobile optimized sites because in today’s Internet, it’s vital to have a mobile optimized website. What was considered Mobile Friendly a couple years ago in many cases is Not Mobile Optimized by today’s standards.

Our business also focuses in other areas of the industry including brand awareness and reputation management. We utilize state of the art tools and services that help drive customers into your business.


We value your visit to our website and we definitely respect your time. Call us today to arrange for a free consolation to see how Codded, LLC can help you earn more business for less money than you may think.